Whether you have a career that you are pursuing or are looking for a new direction these tips from ‘101 Ways to Enhance Your Career’ can make the difference to increase your Career Success.

A career focus (vision) is important if you want career success.  Without this a positive end result is highly unlikely.

Defining what we want in a job or career (or even identifying what we don’t want - what we want is usually the opposite of that) will enable us to focus our aim.  Break things down to design your big picture is an evolving process which can be very helpful towards your and can be very helpful.  Get specific (pay, location, job tasks, hours, colleagues, opportunities etc.) to define the goals you really want to achieve. 

 Asking yourself ‘What do I want the outcome to be here?’ is a valuable exercise to gain clarity about what is really important to you (your values) making it much easier to get clearer about the goals you really want to achieve in your career.
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The single most important quality all employers look for in employees is a good attitude.  Being positive, reliable, willing to learn, and showing a refreshing willingness to go the extra mile and most importantly being open to getting along with people will make you a valuable asset.

 Your thinking literally creates your life.  It defines your attitude which has a knock on effect in every area of your life including your career.  When we think negatively it impacts how we feel and that in turn determines the action or inaction we take in any situation and how we come across to others.  Focusing on ‘what is working’ in your career or life and building on that rather than dwelling on ‘what’s wrong’ will serve you well, enhance your ability to get on with others and increase your career opportunities.

 Before you start relating in any situation check your attitude, focus it positively to lift your energy vibration and increase your opportunity to succeed.    


Being punctual reflects your ability to organise yourself and shows respect for other people’s as well as their own time.  People who are punctual usually have less time off work as well.  Poor punctuality and absenteeism are among the most common reasons that people lose their jobs.  Punctuality builds trust and reflects your level of Self Mastery in life.

There is no such thing as good time management, there is only good Self Management.  Prioritising what is important to you, setting clear boundaries around your time, energy and taking decisive action puts you in charge and gets results.  This earns respect from others, increasing your level of influence and elevating your personal impact.


First Impressions count - within 5 minutes of meeting, people decide whether they like, dislike, trust or mistrust each other. Between 55 – 90% of this is communicated via our body language.  Dressing appropriately for the situation alongside positive, open body language develops rapport with your co-workers and creates a positive personal impact to increase your career opportunities.

 Noticing and learning how to read the body language of the people you relate can help you smooth over a difficult situation, notice when someone is not being truthful, define whether they like or distrust you to help define the actions you need to take to gain the best outcome.  Whether you are in a sales situation (selling ourselves is something we do unconsciously every day), building rapport with children, students, teachers, colleagues, your boss, clients or defining when someone is lying or hiding something and needs help, knowing how to effectively read body language is pivotal to career and life success.

 Being aware of the messages your body language is sending others and taking charge of that to develop great relationships and interactions massively improves your career chances.  This area can increase your self belief and self confidence exponentially as it is the quickest most effective way to influence how you feel and how others feel about you.


In a study polling top executives in fifty-eight of the world’s largest companies, every single executive named ‘Communication Skills’ as a major factor in his or her advancement.  Graduate of business schools report that communication skills are the most valued training they’ve received.

Employers make decisions about an interviewee’s perceived people/communication skills and whether they are likely to ‘fit in’ and get on with people, so building rapport and communicating clearly is imperative during the interview process as well as once you have got the job if you have career aspirations.

 Assertive communication rather than aggressive or passive communication gets positive results.  Good listening skills and utilising effective questioning techniques with yourself and others enables you to have more conscious communication based on awareness and response rather than unconscious reactions that impact negatively on interactions and relationships.


Irrespective of your career or job, employers look for employees that are well organised, punctual, dress appropriately, and most importantly they must be able to build rapport and get on with the people they work with – boss, co-workers, subordinates, customers, clients etc. If they can’t, no matter how good they are at their job, the employer won’t keep them on.  One of the main reasons people miss out on promotions is poor relating skills.  This equally applies if you are the boss and want to attract and keep reliable, motivated staff to enhance the business.

 Authenticity and being true to yourself increases your self belief.  The more we know, accept and back ourselves the greater our belief in our ability to succeed and the more positively we come across to others.  Taking authentic leadership of your life starts with awareness of what is working and being honest about what needs tweaking. Investing time to learn more, incorporate these tips into your career, taking charge or the outcomes you create will elevate your Self Confidence and strengthen your Personal Impact for Career Success. 


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Posted: Tuesday 3 May 2011