Empowerment Coaching - Focus your direction

The purpose of coaching is to improve performance and quality of life. 

It is an interaction that promotes clarity of purpose, accurate recognition of situations, identification of possible solutions and commitment to the chosen action steps.

A coach is there to bounce ideas off, challenge, hold you accountable, assist in setting goals, provide support and encouragement during times of transition, and make a world of difference.

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Focus Your Direction in Life

I have a good understanding of my clients' needs in today's busy world.  As a coach, I aim to bring more meaning, purpose and quality into the lives of my cleints, creating more balance, happiness and enjoyment.  This is a journey we undertake together as a team.

Coaching gives you the vehicle to define goals/issues you want to work on and develop an action plan for you to implement to create tangible results.  Through this process, any obstacle (limiting beliefs, fears, lack of confidence etc.) are brought into awareness, addressed and overcome. 

Options are explored and actions forward are created, all the time focusing on the outcome you want to achieve.

Moving from surviving into living then into thriving.

Coaching can be of great value to you on a personal level, helping you attain a more satisfying work-life balance, feeling connected to who you really are and bringing that into your life in a realistic and tangible way enhancing all areas of your life.

Benefits to the Individual

  • More value and balance in your daily life.
  • Better understanding of who you are and how best to maximise that.
  • Increased productivity in all areas of your life
  • Improved communication and relationships 
  • Fully utilising and Acknowledging your abilities
  • Reduced stress

A Personal Coaching Programme offers:

  • Personal coaching through a series of meetings over a period of 3-12 months.  This enables focus and energy to be maintained, while also offering enough time for behavioural changes and performance improvements to develop and be assessed.
  • A totally confidential and impartial coach committed to your personal advancement.
  • A safe environment in which to explore the possibilities - there is no limit once you tap into your own potential and learn how to use it!
  • Total ownership of the programme, exploring whatever aspect of business or personal performance you choose.

"Coaching sessions with Suzanne have been extremely valuable in helping me reassess my life and what it was that I wanted to get out of it."

"They have been instrumental in helping me realise, and remember, that ultimately I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings and what I let into my life and this has really helped me to sit back and revaluate what it is that I really want to be doing, and where I really want to be going. It was clear early on in my sessions with Suzanne that I was working for a company that did not fit with my personal values and beliefs, and through working with her I was able to determine the type of company I wanted to work with and for.

Suzanne gave me valuable advice and support as I entered the job hunting and interview process and gave me guidance through my resignation and signing up with a new company. I really feel that through coaching with Suzanne I have gained a lot of insight about who I am, what I stand for and what I want. Coaching has opened my eyes and made me realise that I really can influence my own destiny. I highly recommend working with Suzanne to anyone".

M Haden

InterContinental Hotels Group
Our Collaborative Intelligence™  Formula

Six Sessions to Empowerment

Focus | Session 1

We define your level of satisfaction in key areas of your life, to clarifying your focus and direction.
Establish a new foundation to move forward from - your own Personal format.

Mind | Session 2

Developing an awareness of your thoughts and beliefs and how they mirror your reality.
Updating and positively focusing thoughts and ‘core’ beliefs that may be sabotaging your progress, to establish positive focus and adopt more empowered methods of running your life.

Emotion | Session 3

Learning powerful, simple techniques to express and manage your emotions in every day life.
Elevate your ability to overcome stress and dis-ease, creating calmness, increased confidence and balance to enhance your communication in all your relationships.

The Body Balance | Session 4

A nurturing technique to increase mental, physical, emotional and spiritual connection.
Through the work we do you will experience being more relaxed and grounded, becoming more ‘present’ in your body, thus increasing your energy flow and ability to become centred.

The Body | Session 5

Follow up from the Body Balance, many of our physical ailments are linked to problems and imbalances in our mind and/or emotions. Stress in particular often manifests itself somewhere within the physical body. Working with the body in combination with mind and spirit will give you a more grounded belief in your self, and a belief in your own innate strength. This is an essential and highly effective part of the whole process.

Purpose | Session 6

Bringing it all together, creating a synergy to ensure that you are following the path you truly want.
This process is about creating balance, meaning, and a true understanding about ‘who you are’ and ‘what you want’. We use specific strategies to awaken aspects of yourself that may have lain dormant and use them to enhance the quality of your life to become truly empowered.

Balanced holistic outcome

Our process of  'Collaborative Intelligence™' creates a balanced holistic outcome that can be integrated into both your professional and personal life, generating a more Empowered You!

"Thank you Suzanne for helping me discover my dreams"

Clare - Auckland


"There is so much value in working with Suzanne it has changed my life. I feel extremely lucky and priviledged to work with her".
E. Boddie – Director, Designer Websites

"The feature of the Empowerment Coaching which impressed me most was its focus on positive outcomes for the future.
We never lost sight of my personal goal and the sessions we had were always focused, not in the past, but in creating a better future.
This was Exhilarating".

G. Walters - Accountant 

Thank you Suzanne for the wonderful Personal Coaching.  It has been three years since we first met, and the journey I have been on during this time is breathless.  It is so hard to put into words the difference between Sue now and Sue 3 years ago.

When we first met, I did not realize the impact my childhood influenced me along with the fear I was carrying.  I was the nice person who did everything for everyone else, which tied me up into a tight tangled ball.  By grounding me with such tenderness, then guiding me to have courage without aggression has now given me the tools to live my life the way I want to live it.  The anger and internal aggression was given out of commitment rather than a true willing heart.

I had the today’s ‘normal’ statistical childhood, which I carried like a yoke.  You broke off my rear vision mirrors, which has allowed me to go forward, see ahead without feeling as though I am walking on broken glass all the time – pain.

Your guidance taught me to take control of my own feelings, take ownership and responsibility.  No blame, they are my feelings – my responsibility.  Also take control of my own life, it is my life therefore my responsibility.

 You taught me to love within, give myself treats and rewards.  The past interfered and influenced my present.  I felt I always had to be the one with the answers, problem solve, and to soothe family members and people. 

Now I listen, and then allow them to solve their own problems and to live their own lives, this is freeing for me – thank you.

The freedom I have found, courage has grown.  This is evident when having the courage to learn new skills.  I do not find mistakes as failures (therefore whip myself for failing) any more, mistakes to me now I embrace and see them as tools and I can even laugh at myself for making mistakes.

When we met I was trying to study, as normal I kept putting everyone else’s needs first.  You taught me to put everything into correct order to achieve my goal.  Initially was so hard, gently you guided me and your methods worked!  

By gaining order in my life I now love my life’s journey, embrace the experiences and freedom.  At 53 years young, I am starting in a totally different employment environment which is scary yet it feels right.  I am not scared to make mistakes and throw myself into it.  I now realize I am not the only person on this planet to have survived this way.  I was never alone, even though it felt that way.
Thank you Suzanne
SL- New Zealand
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