As much as 100% of your message is communicated through your body language....

Imagine the difference it would make in your career!


Body Language 4 Success

Research has shown that 50% to as much as 100% of your message is communicated through your body language.  However, only a few people are consciously aware of how to interpret this information effectively in their lives.  Imagine the difference it would make in your career, your relationships, your finances.... in your whole life if you could decode others body language and utilise your own body language more effectively.  Imagine the positive impact this could have in all areas of your life.... so what are you waiting for?  Take Action Today..

"I know this sounds strange but the few words you spoke to me about my body language (after knowing me for a couple of minutes) spoke volumes to me and I felt you 'read me like a book!”   - RJ - HR Manager

Delivery Options:

  • Keynote – Quick Fire 60-90 Minutes
  • Half Day Training
  • Full Day Training


  • Body Language 4 Sales & Business Success
  • Body Language 4 Leadership Success
  • Body Language 4 Frontline Service Success
  • Body Language 4 Security & Surveillance
  • Body Language 4 Relationship Success
  • Reading Micro-Expressions & Body Language 4 Sales, Business & Leadership Success

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  • Read others to be ahead of the game
  • Increase your confidence to command respect in any situation
  • Get the edge to achieve goals when interacting with people
  • Maximise the positive impact you have in your life

"Our company employed Suzanne for a half day workshop, to work with our sales professionals. Our aim was to increase awareness with how our body language speaks to others, and learn skills in how we can interpret body language of everyone we communicate with. It was a motivating and inspiring morning, with a lot of information, very energetically and humorously presented by Suzanne. It included practical advice for us to use in many situations.  I would recommend hiring Suzanne for training to companies seeking to enhance communication skills in their professional life and business"

- MediRay Ltd -NEW ZEALAND
K Rawlings - National Sales Manager

"Great course with so many tips I will now use every day – this course is very worthwhile, even the most experienced of sales people will take something from it.  Excellent – perfectly matched to brief & team needs, delivery outstanding.  Thank you!"

N Good - National Sales Manager BMS 

"My team & I thoroughly enjoyed your Quick Fire session, you quickly won over the group with your superb facilitation style & sense of humour.  You covered the whole spectrum from making great first impressions, recognizing positive & negative body language, to what to do to make an impact with these signals to turn things around positively. My team has become so much more aware & are challenging themselves to become familiar with their own body language as well as recognizing others. Thank you again, I highly recommend you to anyone considering using your services, you are professional, welcoming & certainly an expert in your field."

C Vernon - Branch Manager

"My Sales figures have doubled since I attended your course and my confidence level has increased so much I can't quite believe it in such a short space of time. Thank for this great course a must for everyone."

- M Prentice

Find out how you can increase your success rate!

"Motivating, Fun & Informative presentation, great to boost morale & learn something really useful"
- C Hanson - Managing Director