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S Tomasoni - Managing Director

We have been working with Suzanne for several years and looking back I can clearly see how far we have come in this time,
thanks to the skills, encouragement and support of Suzanne in so many ways, professionally and personally.

Talking with Suzanne, we are always in the real world – she is pragmatic and what I commit to in our sessions is doable and realistic. I always leave our sessions with a boost of energy and full of possibilities. 

I am often surprised by how much Suzanne remembers from past sessions – it wasn’t long before she knew all the main characters in my life. She is a very good listener and every time gives me 100% of her attention – she has never had a “bad day” when she hasn’t been full of energy and enthusiasm.

I highly recommend Suzanne from The Body Language Company at Think Success – every bit of effort you put into time with her will be worth it".

Ian Lee - Strategic Manager
“Suzanne’s success is founded on her uncanny ability to very quickly connect and understand people she meets.
Learning these skills in her courses is invaluable to really get ahead in any business or social setting”.

C Harris – Producer
“The confidence & focus I have gained has been invaluable”. 

M Sharp - Training Consultant
"Thank you for your involvement as a speaker in our Frontline Conference at Ellerslie Events Centre. The feed back was great, they loved your style of presentation along with the expert knowledge you imparted.  The wide variety of your presentation allowed us to ponder our own body language as well as assessing others and I know for myself I became a lot more aware of what I say, how I say it, along with how I project my body movements. A really interesting session and one that I am sure will be well received by others in the company. I highly recommend you to anyone looking to use your training, presentation and coaching services and I look forward to working with you in the future".

R Cree - National Lead for Quality
“Since your coaching and training, I have made substantial changes and seen amazing results that have helped me to grow as a person, and a leader.
These changes have been rewarded, as I’ve just been given a new role – high profile, huge responsibility and extremely challenging".

G Boyed - News & Current Affairs Presenter
"I worked with Suzanne during the lead up to the 2011 NZ General Election to point out the body language between John Key and Phil Goff in their on-screen debates on TV One. Her observations and explanations were fascinating and provided a great insight to what the two leaders were 'really' saying.
Entertaining and interesting stuff"

Engineers, Team Leaders & Managers

“General opinion from our team was “well worth it”

I particularly appreciated that it wasn’t left as washy ‘find a way to’, and instead provided specific examples on how to implement the techniques.
It was an interesting and very productive session with some simple techniques to overcome stress. Suzanne's presentation was educational!
- Can we please have her back?"

C Vernon - Branch Manager
“My team & I thoroughly enjoyed your Quick Fire session, you quickly won over the group with your superb facilitation style & sense of humour.  My team has become so much more aware & are challenging themselves to become familiar with their own body language as well as recognizing others to increase business opportunities. Thank you again, I highly recommend you to anyone considering using your services, you are professional, welcoming & certainly an expert in your field."


EH - Office Administrator
"Thank you Suzanne for your fantastic “Think Success - Body Language” course, I found it very informative and intriguing. Suzanne facilitates her inter-active sessions with enthusiasm and humour. I took away so many useful techniques and skills for both my working and home environment!  Suzanne’s intuitive nature and her powerful communications skills kept me enthralled throughout the session."

C Lee - Senior Manager
"It was really great working with Suzanne. I was a bit sceptical about what could be achieved, but I chose to give it a go anyway.
Now, I realise only the sky is the limit, this has been a great discovery for me. I really appreciate all your assistance it has helped me dramatically uncover myself more and be more productive in business as well."

"Bullshit!   That’d be my first thought if you told me 6 months ago I’d be where I am today.

Suzanne has an uncanny ability to help you identify/focus on key life issues and then she arms you with practical tools to deal with them. Focussing on a few core issues has had an unexpected but truly amazing ‘domino effect’ on other areas including my career, which has literally jumped a whole level. The quality of my life across the board – relationships, career and family – has improved immeasurably and I am a far happier person for it.

Suzanne is singularly the key catalyst that has helped me make this possible. Beyond a doubt, the best personal investment I have made yet.
Invaluable! That is what I think now".
Ian Lee - Strategic Manager, Air New Zealand



"I am the principal of the new school, Albany Senior High School. Setting up a new school is a challenge. Suzanne has challenged me to hold my nerve when at times it would be easy to default to old thinking.

There have been staff challenges where I have had to come up with a solution that moves everyone forward rather than getting stuck in personalities. I have become more conscious of my leadership role and more conscious of how other people perceive the role.

Suzanne challenges, affirms, excites, reignites. It is a very exciting thing to do to open a new school. Working with Suzanne for me has been a hugely important part of the journey. I strongly recommend having this support as a principal. Having a supervisor gives the space to learn and grow as a successful leader.
Barbara Cavanagh - Principal
Albany Senior High School


'On a tangible level the coaching has helped me think more clearly and take action more effectively. I knew I needed to grow my business. I was a sole practitioner and I didn?t employ anyone. I now have a team of 5'.
Chris Dobson
Chiropractic Doctor

'Suzanne has helped me to identify several important issues that have been affecting me in fundamental ways for several years without me even realising. She has given me a new belief in myself and provided me with the tools to understand and manage my behaviour'.
Emma - Publishing Manager

'Through Suzanne's coaching I have now got the confidence to challenge my fears and beliefs about how I should be or who I am capable of being. I now value myself more in relationships and at work where I have taken the opportunity to earn more and set more adventurous goals'.
Rachel Jones - Nutritionist

'As I reflect on all that I have accomplished in the past seven months, both personally and within my business, I realise how invaluable and integral Suzanne has become in my life'.
Gael McNally - General Manager
ScarletBLACK Recruitment and Associates

'I would recommend Suzanne Masefield for anyone who has a genuine desire to begin or to continue to grow personally. If you want to extend the possibilities in your life, I highly recommend Suzanne Masefield to you to help and guide you through that process'.
Gaylene - Accountant

'I have just completed a series of Life Coaching sessions with Suzanne Masefield and straightaway booked a further 6 sessions'.
B Mitchell

'You have a gift for being able to help people, to give them hope, encouragement & most importantly a belief in themselves & their worth. In a world of people that often wants to knock you down you are like a ray of sunshine breaking through the storm clouds & I thank you for making life brighter'.
Roz - Accounts Manager

'I arrived on Suzanne's doorstep feeling like my life was racing out of control. I am a solo mum, I run my daughter to school, friends' houses and 7 dance classes a week. I hold down two high powered jobs; I run my home - (no housekeeper or nanny!) and I meet friends and family commitments. In my spare time I manage a NZ representative sports team and have just recently returned from the Athens Olympic Games. Through the use of sensible and intelligent steps, together, we chipped away at my firmly held belief systems that chained me to a life not unlike a mouse on a treadmill. And now I do not feel stressed at all and fulfill all my commitments with ease!!

I highly recommend Suzanne to you and may your time together be as happy and beneficial as it has been for me'.
Kim - Accountant

'It was clear early on in my sessions with Suzanne that I was working for a company that did not fit with my personal values and beliefs, and through working with her I was able to determine the type of company I wanted to work with and for. Suzanne gave me valuable advice and support as I entered the job hunting and interview process and gave me guidance through my resignation and signing up with a new company. I really feel that through my six sessions with Suzanne I have gained a lot of insight about who I am, what I stand for and what I want. Coaching has opened my eyes and made me realise that I really can influence my own destiny. I highly recommend working with Suzanne for anyone'.  
M. Haden

"Coaching and Training with Suzanne has been like having a 'Personal Trainer for My Life'  - Great."
John - General Manager

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