Your future is yet to be written...
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That’d be my first thought if you told me 6 months ago I’d be where I am today.

Suzanne is singularly the key catalyst that has helped me make this possible.
Beyond a doubt, the best personal and professional investment I have made yet.
Invaluable!  That is what I think now."

Ian Lee - Strategic Manager

By now I am sure you want to know how to enjoy the benefits of Coaching for yourself or your team. 

You don't have to invest in yourself or your business but if you do - you will reap the rewards to personally be at the top of your game, increase your ability to get ahead professionally and gain the edge in today's competitive market - see below & testimonial page.

Thousands of people and companies around the world are reaping the benefits of coaching... don't get left behind!


Focuses on achieving and sustaining enhanced performance for leaders within the business environment. Enhances individual awareness, increases effective communication and decision making to overcome issues, whilst identifying and elevating strengths within leaders and their team. So they can heighten team engagement take more effective action, generating positive change and increase business results. Click here for further details

EMPOWERMENT COACHING - Balance Focus, Emotions, Actions

If you want to look, feel and be your best and increase your confidence ten fold, so you can be more relaxed, focused and productive, you need to be in alignment with your purpose with mind, body and action congruency. So you can gain greater respect and recognition and become more Energised and Empowered in your life!


For 'Go Getters' wanting to Increase Success! Increase Presence, Influence and Profit. Improve Presentations, Pitches, Negotiations, Leadership Personalised assessment report + 1:1 Executive Coaching to increase effectiveness and Personal Impact. Individual and Team Assessments in person or via video

What Client's Experience  (view more in testimonials)

I have been working with Suzanne for several years now and looking back I can clearly see how far I have come over this time, thanks to the encouragement and support of Suzanne in so many ways, professionally and personally.

Suzanne is pragmatic and what I commit to in our sessions is doable and realistic. I always leave our sessions with a boost of energy and full of possibilities. She is a very good listener and every time gives me 100% of her attention – she has never had a “bad day” when she hasn’t been full of energy and enthusiasm.

I highly recommend Suzanne to anyone and everyone – every bit of effort you put into time with her will be worth it.

Stacey Tomasoni - Managing Director


I wanted to be more assertive and be able to handle myself better in stressful situations.  Suzanne very quickly understood what I needed to do to overcome obstacles and fulfill my objectives.  Even after the first session, I felt that I could better deal with a difficult situation more positively.  

Through coaching and Suzanne's positive influence, I very quickly became more confident, assertive, and a lot less stressed and I feel extremely excited about my future and am achieving my goals

Michael Stockhammer - Managing Director


Suzanne has provided me with 1:1 leadership coaching and training on a regular basis.  Often as a manager I deal with a lot of challenging issues with my team, organisation, customer and relationships, which are hard to work through with my peers or manager, so we work actively on issues and she helps me with practical solutions to move things forward.  

Suzanne comes up to speed so quickly and is able to help me straight away, be it to help me plan a team building session that I am thinking of running with my team or resolving a very complex relationship management issue with my customer. Having actions to complete and tips that I can use immediately, result sin positive outcomes for me and my company, and I have grown as a leader as a result.

Wendie Lee - Senior ICT Executive - CIO



Overall I feel more balanced and like I’m actively living my life. I no longer feel stuck on the roller coaster. I feel much stronger, more secure and confident and that I can do my job really well.

These changes have been rewarded too as I’ve just been given a new role – high profile, huge responsibility and extremely challenging. I love it! I am in control of my destiny and the sky is the limit. I’d recommend Suzanne’s coaching services to anyone trying to maximise their potential.

R Cree - National Lead for Quality

By now I am sure you want to know how to enjoy the benefits of Coaching for yourself or your team. 

Thousands of people and companies around the world are reaping the benefits of coaching...  don't get left behind!