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Leadership in business is a complex role requiring many skills which have often been undervalued in the past.


Harry and Meghan Body Language Interview

Harry and Meghan Interview

As the world watched the royal couple share their experiences of the last four years... dropping a few bombshells along the way.  Awareness of congruence between what's said and the messages their non-verbal communication offers is key in this tell all event.

What does their body language tell you?
Click on photo for radio interview 



Do you have Imposter Syndrome?

Despite outward appearances people often feel as if their 'Duck Paddling' through their career.

If this rings true for you, you're not alone 66% women and 56% men suffer this in the work environment according to studies in the UK and Columbia University.

So how can you take charge to become calm, confident and more impactful instead of on the back foot?  Watch Breakfast TV interview 


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Businesses worldwide are using Press Pause 

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