Leadership Presence increases energy and focus levels...

You take charge, gain greater respect and recognition and improve results in life and business.


Leadership Presence

What does it take to generate Leadership Presence?

Many people want to increase their impact on personal and business outcomes. Leadership Presence is an intangible quality empowering the individual and inspiring others to truly connect and engage during interactions. Through greater self-awareness and conscious communication you improve self-management,  elevate emotional intelligence and increase your ability to powerfully influence situations. Leadership Presence increases energy and focus levels, so you take charge, gain greater respect and recognition and improve results in life and business.

Most people, have no idea how they come across to others, nor the positive or negative impact that has on results in their life.... 

Science shows us it matters....

Research has shown that between 50% to as much as 93% of your message is communicated through your body language. We respond or react to these signals we receive on an unconscious level every day, although few people are aware enough to purposefully utilise this information well. 

And it doesn't have to be like that!

Knowing how to effectively manage your own body language and read people well, with an open mindedand a flexible approach is vital if you want to get the best from your interactions and get ahead in life.

"It is pivotal to understand that ‘people skills’ are a primary quality of any role, not a by-product"

When you become truly present, your interactions engage others to trust and want to do business with you, so they genuinely feel better for the experience.

Every interaction leaves a positive and lasting impression on people you meet!

By increasing confidence when relating and knowing how to spot objection cues, you manage difficult people more effectively and turn challenging situations into wins.  With leadership presence you increase effectiveness in meetings and negotiations, and deliver more impactful presentations to increase your level of influence.

Developing more authentic, productive relationships with colleagues and clients heightens performance and elevates business results tenfold.

S Tomasoni - Director

Great training with Suzanne – we covered a lot of ground, but more importantly, we are seeing real behaviour changes, to the extent that a few months on, we are experiencing greater levels of engagement, self-awareness & co-operative behaviour  within & between teams.  I highly recommend Suzanne and The Body Language Company at Think Success”

Bruce Blair - High Performance Coach Development Manager
Suzanne has presented her material at two of our High Performance Coaching Workshops. Her presentation on body language and communication was highly pertinent to our coaches.  She received very positive feedback from workshop participants and I can warmly recommend Suzanne to anyone wanting guidance in her area of expertise.   

L Ewing-Jarvie, Business Manager
Suzanne’s approach to assisting leadership groups better understand their presence and behaviours is built on years of personal experience and education which flows over beautifully into the corporate environment. For our group of 25 corporate leaders, Suzanne gave insight into how to read people more intuitively, how to lead with poise and authenticity and provided us with tools to enable us to give and receive feedback in a constructive, effective way. Suzanne is an engaged and highly skilled trainer and presenter and I would recommend her to other organisations looking to refine their approach to leadership.

Alex McKenzie - Coach Accelerator Manager
Suzanne conducted a hugely successful one-day training workshop for our group of high performance coaches from High Performance Sport New Zealand's Coach Accelerator Programme, as well as a number of Super Rugby Referees from New Zealand Rugby's elite squad.  Not only was the content directly relevant to each group's work, Suzanne's engaging presentation style made the day extremely enjoyable.  The discussions and activities were stimulating and challenging, and her use of examples from each group's professional context made the workshop doubly engaging".


R Taylor, Quality Specialist
I was completely engaged throughout the session, more than any other previous training. It will help me coach others better & improve my interactions within the business & my personal life... Excellent!

Imagine the impact you and your team could make if you knew how to do this!

Let us show you 'HOW'