Micro-Expressions Training 

Unique communication training for a new generation of business leader...

"Emotional Intelligence is twice as important as technical and cognitive skills combined for a successful career”

- Daniel Goleman in Harvard Business Review (details of research on request)


Communication Training for a new generation of business leader

Every face and expression tells a tale you could learn to read... 

Imagine the benefit of knowing what people were thinking and feeling.
Imagine how it would positively impact your career.. increase sales and business results...
 and how it could improve your relationships... actually your whole life!


There are 6.5 billion people in the world, the smallest line on each face, the slightest body movement... it all tells a story... 
Words can lie...      Your face and body don't...       The truth is written all over your face if you know what to look for!

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What are Micro-Expressions?

What's the benefit of knowing how to read them?

Being able to identify the different emotions someone experiences, to respond effectively, generates quality interactions and increases your potential and results.
If you want to be truly effective in elevating your EQ,  being able to recognise the emotions of others, is imperative. So it's essential to undertake training in this area to become better prepared, more impactful and profitable in all you do

Micro Expressions Training is useful for

Trainers & Coaches

Better understand what emotions their clients and participants feel.

Sales Professionals

See what their potential clients are not saying with their words.

CEO’s & Managers

Be aware what their employees experience and for better people management.


See if the potential candidates speak the truth.


See the hidden emotions on the face of others.

Meeting people

Build happier and more authentic relationships.

Delivery Options

Quick Fire Intro (15 Minutes)Keynote Presentation (60-90 Minutes) / Half Day Training / Full Day Training

Talk to us about the changes you want to achieve to generate great results to meet the needs of your business. 

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Think Success and The Body Language Company deliver METV Micro-Expressions Training
for leading companies and industries worldwide to heighten conscious communication
development, so they can be more impactful and gain the edge in life and business.


Micro Expressions Training Videos makes applying facial expressions in daily life and business simple.

METV is unique for these features:

  • learning & teaching facial expressions is made simple using videos
  • 200+ real life simulations on how to see facial expressions
  • 26 videos teaching you how to detect lies and how to see facial expressions in daily life
  • reading facial expressions is made simple with a clear list of most used subtle, micro, partial and masked expressions

METV is the only training program in the world with videos of facial expressions.

Good reasons to choose METV:

  • METV has videos of real life simulations, making learning easy, simple and natural
  • METV teaches you how to read facial expressions in daily life when somebody is listening or speaking
  • METV makes learning simple combining most common subtle, micro and partial expressions in one program
  • METV contains instructions teaching you how to detect lies by reading facial expressions
  • METV gives you tips how to see and apply facial expressions in daily life

Micro-Expressions Training is unique communication training
for a new generation of business leader...

Emotional Intelligence is twice as important
as technical and cognitive skills combined for a successful career”

- Daniel Goleman in Harvard Business Review (details of research on request)

Now is the time to make the difference for yourself, your team,
and your business so you can excel as never before...

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“Whilst working with Suzanne she asked me questions which I answered, however Suzanne pointed out my micro expression showed a different answer to the one I'd given. Even though this was very challenging, she used this knowledge to help me put a label on those emotions which consequently enabled me to be able to talk about the situation. The first step in being able to talk about something is being able to name what is really going on. It was certainly highly beneficial for me in this process and highly beneficial for me to be able to do this with others in my role in my company”. 
J Warnock - HR Manager, People Relations
Auckland International Airport, New Zealand

"My team and I thoroughly enjoyed your session with us today. You quickly won over the group with your superb facilitation style and having a sense of humour always helps. Interestingly both myself and some of the salespeople were at the auctions yesterday and we watched for the signals you had taught us - so much fun but more importantly so valuable for us to be aware of. My team has become so much more aware and are challenging themselves to become familiar with their own body language as well as recognizing others. Thank you again, I highly recommend you to anyone considering using your services, you were professional, welcoming and certainly an expert in your field". 
C Vernon - Branch Manager
Barfoot & Thompson Real Estate

'Working with Suzanne has been an experience of a lifetime, I feel no end of gratitude to her for helping me literally, turn my life around.  Suzanne’s techniques, insight and experience together with her easy style helped me apply new principles and attitudes to every aspect of my life. Now I have the confidence and know-how to change negative patterns that once ruled my life.

Through her insight, uncanny intuition and knowledge of body language and micro expressions, she knows me better than some people I've known all my life.  Because of Suzanne coaching and training, I am more confident, at ease and much happier than I ever thought possible. Her understanding of human behaviour is uncanny and invaluable."
M Burton - Director

"I have had the pleasure of using Suzanne's services on more than one occasion, and can honestly say she is the best I have found! 
Her great insight gives her an edge over others in the leadership development, training and coaching profession.  Her attention to detail is second to none, alongside her focus on helping people excel. Suzanne and her training is worth its weight in gold, if you're looking to sharpen up your edge in business, or achieve any personal goals". 
K Vogel - Licensed Realtor
Barfoot & Thompson 

"I wanted to become a more effective communicator.  After using some of the communication tools, micro-expression and body language techniques that Suzanne has taught me, I have found that it really works.  I have even had great feedback from some individuals saying they found me more fun to be around and seem more engaged.  

Of course this in turn helped to build my confidence as well as develop better business relationships, which ultimately will assist the growth of my company . I now enjoy meeting strangers and starting conversations just for fun, to practice my communication skills. I am also able to read people's body language and expressions better, which say a lot more than their words".
Ross Murray - Creative Director
Red Spark Creative Ltd

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