Body Language Tips for Career Success

Did you know you only have 5-10 seconds to make a good 1st Impression?
Would you like to make a Great  First Impression?
Do you want Career & Life Success?

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When studies show that 50% to as much as 90% of your message is communicated to others through your
body language – can you afford not to know how to use it more consciously?  

 Few people are consciously aware of the messages they give others through this form of non-verbal communication or the positive or negative impact it is having on their lives. 

Maximising this form of communication by learning to read others and use your own body language more effectively can dramatically enhance your Career Prospects! 

The Body Language Tips for Career Success is a great start to give you steps to make a Great First Impression,
utilising your Body Language to greater effect to become a Better Communicator, Maximise Potential
and Improve Your Life exponentially.



Why Learn Body Language - What’s in it for Me?

  •          Improve Your Communication Skills
  •          Build Trust & Rapport with others
  •          Increase Confidence & Respect in any situation
  •         Take Charge of the Personl Impact you have in your life
  •          Get the Edge to Achieve Goals when Interacting with people


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Maximise Potential - Increase Your Positive Results!













“Authentic Leadership starts with the individual - when a human being is focused to create a strong inner foundation
a ‘magical’ thing happens,
they extend themselves beyond what they ever thought possible to achieve amazing results!”
- Suzanne Masefield