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Saturday February 23rd 9-1pm

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‘I highly recommend you, you certainly an expert in your field’
C Vernon – Barfoot & Thompson Branch Manager

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Success Stories

John was fed up wasting time and money hiring ineffective people in his business only to have to let them go.  By learning to read prospective candidates body language cues, he found he could ascertain quite quickly whether someone had the right attitude, where they may be elaborating the truth (telling porkie’s) and where they genuinely had the capabilities and right attitude to make a positive difference in his company.

Discovering how to read body language gave him the ability to speed up the interviewing process, increase his staff retention rate and become a better leader as he could often assess people’s feelings before they said a single thing.

He was so impressed with the results he gained from learning conscious communication that he put all his staff through body language 4 success training which positively influenced team synergy and increased overall business results. Body Language 4 Success helped get him here!

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Why Attend this Course?

Attract and keep prospective clients
- Connect fast and build great rapport
- Identify interested parties and time wasters
- Recognise and overcome objections before they arrive
- Know when to talk, know when to listen - pivotal for success
Handle conflicts and difficult people with ease
- Save time, energy and money by focusing where you'll gain rewards
Turn bad situations into positive opportunities

‘Great course with so many tips I now use every day
– even the most experienced of sales people will take something from it’.
BMS – National Sales Manager

Success Stories

As the only woman in the executive sales team, Helen often found she was overlooked in the executive meetings and found she shied away from expressing her views.  After body language training she learnt how to command the room to not only get her point across but gain the respect of her colleagues.

Discovering how to read others body language gave Helen the edge to identify behaviour and facial micro-expressions of contempt, anger or fear at pivotal points to know when people were not on side and taught her how to use her own non-verbal behaviour consciously to turn things around. 

Over the course of a couple of months she increased her confidence levels considerably to tackle clients she had previously avoided and she doubled her sales figures by understanding subtle non-verbal cues and buying signals clients sent.  Her executive colleagues started to ask her for advice and saw her as a leader in the business.  Body Language 4 Success helped get her here!

Why Invest in You?

You only have one life how do you want to live it - fully present or only half there!

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Your Facilitator

Suzanne Masefield is a body mind analyst AIBMA (body language expert), speaker, micro-expressions trainer, clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor, writer and executive coach. With more than 18 years’ experience as an empowerment facilitator, she inspires authentic leadership worldwide.

Body Language Analyst for TVNZ, Close Up, Breakfast TV and The Herald on Sunday, Suzanne‘s body language expertise is employed by today’s leading companies to help them gain the edge in today’s competitive market. She is a feature writer for several magazines and co-author of #No.1 best-selling book ‘Align, Expand, Succeed’ and 101 Ways to Enhance Your Career’.

“Authentic Leadership starts with the individual - when a human being is focused to create a strong inner foundation a ‘magical’ thing happens, they extend themselves beyond what they ever thought possible to achieve amazing results!” - Suzanne Masefield


‘I highly recommend Suzanne, she certainly is an expert in her field’
C Vernon – Barfoot & Thompson Branch Manager