The Peace & Quiet Set

The Peace & Quiet Set
This two CD series by Jeff Clarkson includes "Peace & Quiet 2" and a re-mastered and re-packaged version of "Peace & Quiet" volume one.

With a 4 year gap between the two albums Jeffree felt that the Peace & Quiet volume one had quite a different vibration to volume two so it was really a case of bringing it up to date, in both sound and appearance. Jeffree also re-arranged the track order to reflect a new meditation sequence and you will hear added in solos on the Breathasizer to give a flow across the album.

The series reflects 18 of the most relaxing pieces of music Jeffree has written and over two hours of music in total. The Peace & Quiet series makes an excellent companion for healing, meditation and a peaceful background for work or play.

The two-album set would make a great gift for some one who needs to relax.
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