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People decide within the first 5 - 10 seconds if they like or dislike you...

How valuable would it be to know what others’ were thinking?
                          If you knew how to make a great 1st Impression would it increase your confidence?
                                  How powerful would it be to spot a hot prospect within the first 5 minutes of meeting? 
                                     If you could decode customers, staff or the bosses needs, how would it influence your career & business results?

What Impression are you making - is it increasing or sabotaging your success?

Every movement, every gesture offers clues to what someone is thinking and feeling
Learning to manage your body language effectively and read others will enable you to really get ahead in life.

Gain the Edge....
If you're in Sales, HR, Recruitment, Retail, Real Estate, Hospitality, Education, Security or Surveillance this Body Language training is for You!
When you understand the codes of the body & how to utilise them to enhance your life the BENEFITS ARE HUGE!
Get the Edge in today's competitive market - at The Body Language Company at Think Success!

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Meet the needs of your business and Maximise Potential

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Delivery Options:

Keynote – Quick Fire 60-90 Minutes
Half Day Training
Full Day Training


Body Language 4 Success Courses - Think Success Ltd

What is Holding You Back?

As an Body Mind Analyst and Executive coach, clients frequently ask what is holding them back. They are unaware how they come across to others, unconsciously sabotaging the opportunity for success with
negative, closed 
or ineffective body language.

What we say with our bodies is just as revealing as anything that comes out of our mouths ...
Most people have no idea how others see them, nor the impact that has on results in their life.

SABOTAGES: - coming across negatively 
                    - shrinking back,
looking nervous
closed off, defensive 
                    - appearing aggressive
                    - critical, pushy
                    - mis-reading others signals
                    - struggling with ineffective communication

   Research shows that:

  • 7% of communication is delivered via our words
  • 38% of communication is delivered via our voice tone
  • 55% to  a massive 90% of communication is delivered via our Body Language


Body Language Critique  Program - Think Success LtdFor 'Go Getters' wanting to Gain the Edge and Succeed!

- Assessment of presentations, a pitch, meetings etc.(in person or send video)
- Personalised critique assessment report
- 1:1 Executive Coaching to increase your Personal Impact
 Body Language 4 Success Courses - Think Success LtdCLICK Program overview (PDF)

  • READ OTHERS                       - BE AHEAD OF THE GAME

    "I want to give you a big THANK YOU for the Body Language Critique that you did for me. Not only was the critique detailed and insightful... you have given me some very valuable tools and practical tips on how I can improve the impact of my presentations. I had no idea how powerful body language is in everyday communication. Since applying the suggestions you gave me, my presentations have been much more impact-full and successful. It was definitely worth the investment"
    M. Windust - Director Mastermind Business Solutions Ltd

    "The clarity & focus I have gained along with the self confidence has been invaluable"
    C.Harris - Producer, BBC Documentaries UK



The Body Language Company at Think Success run empowering Body Language seminars, courses and presentations for companies wishing to increase their edge in business, alongside, 1:1 analysis and coaching for individuals wishing to excel in their field.  Suzanne Masefield is an expert in her field and a leading specialist in Mind Body Analysis. This course will ensure you maximise your potential and create your own destiny in the workplace.

  • Enhance Interpersonal Communication
  • Increase Your Confidence & Charisma
  • Lower Stress Levels by Managing Your State
  • Create Great Business & Personal Relationships
  • Develop Effective Negotiating Skills
  • Become a Positive Influencer 
  • Create Win/Win Outcomes
  • Get Ahead Personally & Professionally

    CLICK link for Course overview (PDF)



What Participants experienced....

"Attending your course has put me on the path of understanding how to relate better with others, so I am more in control of situations where I have not usually felt in control.  I would go so far to say that this type of workshop should be mandatory in work places"  J Arnold - Office Manager

"I had the opportunity to put what I learnt on the course into practice and turned a very difficult situation around to a positive outcome through reading others body language and managing my own - Excellent"  
D Mitchel - General Manager IT Company

"Thank you Suzanne for your fantastic “Think Success - Body Language” course, I found it very informative and intriguing.  Suzanne facilitates her inter-active sessions with enthusiasm and humour. I toodk away so many useful techniques and skills for both my working and home environment!  Suzanne’s intuitive nature and her powerful communications skills kept me enthralled throughout the session" 
EH - Office Administrator, Leading Edge Services

"Highly Recommend - my Sales figures have doubled since I attended your course and my confidence level has increased so much I can't quite believe it in such a short space of time.  Thank for this great course a must for everyone" 
M Prentice - Sales Manager

Motivating, Fun & Informative presentation, great to boost morale & learn something really useful" 
C Hinds - Managing Director

By now you want to know how you can gain the BENEFITS 1000's of people experience round the world
, by understanding how to use the codes of non-verbal communication. Well you can:- Choose the 1:1 Body Language Analysis
or a Body Language 4 Success Course or both, for you and your business
. Get Ahead.. get started now CLICK HERE

You don't have to invest in yourself or your business, but if you do you will reap the rewards of personally being at the top of your game as well as increasing your ability to really get ahead professionally and gain the edge in today's competitive market.

CHECK OUT: Facial Micro-Expressions Training page to enhance body language training


"Recommended for security teams, a good course well presented and engaging" 

AF - Security Team Manager, Sky City Casino

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course because it wasn't only about other people's body language, but understanding and being aware of my own and the impact I can have in my life"
EL - Security Team Manager

"Well presented.  Held my interest throughout" 
RS - Shift Manager

"Highly Recommended. Very interesting. Great tool & skill to use in all aspects"
MB - Assistant Shift Manager Surveillance 

"A valuable tool that can be implemented personally & professionally
DM - Surveillance Shift Manager, Sky City Casino

CHECK OUT: Facial Micro-Expressions Training
to enhance body language training



  • Improve communication skills
  • Develop trust and rapport with others
  • Increase perception, observation & assessment skills
  • Interact with cultural understanding
  • Spot deception'tells' & buying cues
    Increase confidence and command respect
  • Get the edge when interacting with people
  • Create Great Relationships - take charge of life

Maximise Your Influence - Get Results!



The Body Language Company run Keynotes, in house Courses, Seminars & Training for companies & groups of 10 or more individuals utilising a variety of trained coaches and presenters who are specialists in their field. Talk to us about the changes you want to achieve and we'll devise a seminar, workshop or course tailored to generate the results required to meet the needs of your business. 

Courses are ideally followed up with coaching sessions to ensure accountability for change. The after-training coaching supports the initial learning and maximises the transference of the new attitudes and skills into behavioural habits.'Training without Coaching is Entertainment' (Austrailain Business Training) 

Would you like to positvely influence your Confidence, Career & Business Success?
                                       CHECK OUT: Facial Micro-Expressions Training to enhance body language training
                                     Don't waste any more time - make the difference - get started now…. 

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Getting more proficient in Body Language techniques along with learning how to Dress for Success enhances your abilities
to build rapport to build and maintain rewarding relationships in the work and personal arena, greatly increasing the opportunity
to get ahead very quickly in life as well as in your business career.  This is covered along with CV Preparation &
Effective Communication  Skills in the Get the Job you Want – THINK TRAINING interactive blended learning Computer Course. 

Save Time - Get Results -Reap the Benefits - get started now….
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