Executive, Career & Life Coaching help you balance & enhance your life. Through goal setting, communication training, career planning and personal development you increase your potential. Coaching can serve as guidance, support and practical strategy planning to enable you to get ahead. Think Success Ltd offers leadership coaching, executive coaching, holistic coaching and personal life coaching. "Life Coaching unlocks your Potential to Maximise your Performance"

Think Success Ltd offers communication coaching, leadership coaching, executive coaching, holistic coaching & personal life coaching.

Coaching help you balance, enhance and excel in your life! 
Through goal setting, communication development, career and life planning alongside personal development you can feel happier, more connected to the people in your life and increase your potential to get ahead in all areas of life.

"Coaching unlocks your Potential to Maximise your Performance"

Perhaps you are unsure of your goals or focus. Perhaps you know your goals but don’t know how to go about achieving them. Coaching helps you to define your goals and develop an action plan. During the process any obstacles such as limiting beliefs or fears are brought into awareness, addressed, and overcome. Together we explore your options and plan the way forward.

Working with a coach ensures that you remain focused on what it is you want to create and achieve. A coach is there to bounce ideas off, to challenge you, to hold you accountable, to assist in setting goals, and to provide support and encouragement during times of transition.

Coaching will provide you with structure, support, accountability, and perspective, and will be a motivational springboard from which to:

  • ·        Set and Reach Effective Goals
  • ·        Develop Personally & Professionally
  • ·        Enhance Leadership & Management Skills
  • ·        Overcome Obstacles
  • ·        Resolve Conflicts
  • ·        Manage Emotions well
  • ·        Generate Focused Clear Actions
  • ·        Define Direction & Purpose
  • ·        Develop Communication Abilities
  • ·        Identify & Utilise Strengths
  • ·        Increase Self Confidence
  • ·        Relieve Stress
  • ·        Enrich Relationships
  • ·        Clarify Career & Life Direction
  • ·        Create Balance in all areas of life
  • ·        Generate Positive Lifelong Change

The coaching process is a powerful collaborative relationship between you and your coach and is comprised of choice, goal setting, strategic action, and, ultimately, the realisation of extraordinary results. It is a different process from counselling because whereas counselling usually analyses the past, coaching acknowledges the past to enable it to work for you whilst addressing the present and the future to gain a positive outcome.

There has been extensive research that suggests training can give a 20% improvement in your life, yet training plus coaching gives a minimum of 50% and a possible 88% improvement.


"I achieved my goal, which was to double my sales, while I was ‘working’ on personal issues in the first month. The second month my sales tripled. Very exciting?"
B Mitchell

"Thank you for the wonderful coaching sessions we have recently undertaken. The clarity and focus I have gained along with the self confidence to action what I now know is possible in my job has been invaluable.”
Charlotte Harris - Producer
BBC Documentaries & Contemporary Factual

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